Sunday, April 27, 2008


Managed to add 34 minutes to my FitCash total this morning including 808 spins on the hulahoop in Super Hula Hoop! Enjoyed a long jog around Wiifitty island (the highlight of which was a Mii version of Alex overtaking me and then tripping over and falling on his face!)

Wondering if I'll be able to keep it up when I have to go to work afterwards and hoping to see some improvement soon. So far I have put on weight each day but I think this is down to my changing outfits more than anything else. I have now been scientific about it and established the weight of my boxers, shorts and t-shirt are 1 lb. Super!

K has outperformed me on a number of activities still (ski jump being a sore point) so I need to focus on those. Really don't like the muscle work out ones but I am starting to include them in the mix each day...hopefully we'll see an improvement over yesterday's scolding by the trainer when I stopped doing press ups half way through!

On a positive note I can feel its effect on my body and I slept straight through last night despite there being a number of feeds!

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