Thursday, April 24, 2008


I knew housemoving was going to be stressful but I hadn't counted on the insomnia setting in this early!

From K's blog you may see that we've put an offer in on our Midlands house (which has been accepted) but because we haven't sold ours yet they are still taking viewings. I'm now paranoid someone else is going to view it and fall it love with it like we have!

We've had one viewing so far and still not heard any feedback. At this point I'm thinking about raiding the piggy bank to see what we can do to speed it along. I think ultimately its going to come down to price but a tiny part of me worries that no-one will want to buy our house at any price!

Anyone out there want to buy a lovely 3 bed mid terrace conveniently located to the centre of Ipswich?

P.S. Z has been asleep for nearly 4 hours now! (And yes he is still breathing!)

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