Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nor to Battle the Strong

This is going to sound crazy but I swear I'm dreaming about the Wii now. Or maybe its just the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning? Either way it's a problem. I've even commandeered the blackboard in the kitchen to show a running countdown until it arrives (48 days in case you're interested).

Such is my obession that I'm thinking about rearranging the living room to accommodate it. This includes wondering whether we should get a new TV (smaller and more HD ready) and shifting the massive coffee table (how else am I going to be able to stand and play on it?) I guess a part of me also wants to spend money before we get to a stage when money would be better spent on other things (for example a new house or children) and isn't as freely available as it is now. And in case you're interested, this is the TV I'm looking at.

I seem to be getting over the cold I had (well at least I'm not waking with a sore throat) which is good news as I can't possibly be sick this week, we're too busy at work. One of those nightmarish weeks where not only do I have a ton of work o do, I also see to have a large share of meetings to go to.

Went to Ikea yesterday and spent a goodly portion of time stood around while Becks & Ralph decided which futon and lamps to buy. We came out relatively unscathed at only £60 and managed to get a clothes box for the bathroom stury enough to double as a seat for those chatting to the person in the bath moments.

Popped into town today and managed to get myself some new walking shoes. I was looking for something a bit more casual and less heavy than my boots and I think I succeeded! Handy for when we're only away a couple of days and I only want to take one pair of shoes. Have also started to seriously think about Christmas. Kath is pretty much sorted in my mind, as is my brother but everyone else, my parents included, it's a bit trickier.

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