Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Stayed in and had a normal night last night, which probably explains why I feel much more chipper today, despite a lot of people getting on my tits at work. The current project I'm involved is such a battle as everything is questioned and I have to puch back on the other people so much to get them to do what they're supposed to do.

On another topic, Nintendo has released a load of new videos of people experiencing the Wii. Hopefully people will realise that Nintendo is going after these kind of people (non-gamers) and doing stuff to please them and bring them in. If I hear one more person complain that they don't need the internet on their TV I'll scream! It's not there for you...its there for the non-gamer!

Likewise with the Weather, News & Photo Channels. Sure you may not use it, but your dad might. And then he'll perhaps try out one of the names and bingo...another disposable income tapped into. Maybe its because gamers like the feeling that they know something others don't, they don't want their parents muscling in on their turf, I dunno.

We've only got 3 episodes of Prison Break left to end the series and we may well get through them tonight. K is terrible when she gets hooked on something, single minded determination!

Finished Faithless yesterday, quite good but kinda petered out at the end. Have started Thud! although I'm getting a little sceptical with Terry P at the moment. Every other book seems to be about Vimes...surely there are other characters worth focusing on??


Niles said...

What about the witches!?

Leigh said...

They're in the next one....