Monday, October 02, 2006

Speed Blog

Neil over at Dogwood Tales has got me onto this idea, so I'm going to try it out as I recount my weekend in Norwich.

Got up. Watched IGN Weekly. Got in car. K drove the entire weekend (bless her) which helped me a lot. Listened to radio, discovered Jessica Stevenson has an 8 year old child (although she is 34 so). Arrived in Yarmo and helped the Brown girls empty black sacks of crap from under their old beds, ate lunch and then drove to Norwich. Failed to find new shoes, dithered over and then bought manbag, bought chocolate, bought unfeasibly expensive, metrosexual personal grooming products, bought Carcasonne. Discussed origami and wedding table decorations and decided on a Day Flower & Lily combination with lobsters and boats as extras.
Walked into Norwich, went to a great restaurant (Pinocchios) and had a superb, very reasonably priced meal (K's pasta was especially delicious). Walked back through Norwich and discovered that the Saturday night clubbing scene is the very cess pool of humanity (and this was only from walking around it to get back to the house). Drank water, pinched-punched everyone (by this time it was first of the month) and went to bed.

Got up, ate porridge, watched New Popworld (frankly terrible) and deflated bed. Walked to Morrison's, bought Afro comb, discovered Argos sell the GPS I'm after but only do home delivery. Drooled over flat screen LCD TVs (we want to go smaller and flatter) and walked home through the throngs of Norwich City supporters going in the other direction.
Was driven home, looked on the internet, beat K at Carcasonne (althoughh it was close), watched Prison Break, caught up with Lost, played some Ludo on the DS and revisited The Dales.

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