Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Busy busy busy!

Not really had much tie to do computer stuff this week as work has been manic! Helping to organise a conference and the main organisers seem to forget that I'm helping in addition todoing my normal full time job! Oh well it'll all be over soon!

Over on Niles's blog there's some nice pictures of Everest and it reminded me that the Director of our unit at work is currently trying to climb Everest as I type. You can catch up with his progress here. the best part is the 'bowels rating' where he gives an update on the situation. I'm not sure what motivates people to climb Everest in the first place? I think what would annoy me most is the cruching sense of anti-climax when you've reached the top and you realise you have to climb back down again! I suppose it will give you a different persepective though. Anyway check it out its quite an interesting read!

I just want to mention another website as well, How Stuff Works. This is a great site for answering so many questions. It has gone a little commercial (ads and stuff) in recent years but generally the content is pretty good. There's a good article about the origin of Wonder Woman on there as well.

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