Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Election Blues

After my initial excitement with the General Election my interest is starting to wane slightly. Sure there's coverage everywhere but nothing really exciting has happened! Where's the Deputy PM, John Prescott when you need him? I can just imagine him puching some old that would stir things up!

The BBC have got loads of coverage as per usual and there's some great Peter Snow tools on their website to play with! Fortunately I'm on leave form work the week on the general election so I'll definitely be able to vote and hopefully stay up late enough to catch the action as it unfolds. Reading some of the manifestos is great fun as well! UKIPs or Veritas...I can't remember which think we should pull down all wind farms and replace them with Nuclear power stations...a sure fire hit with the voters there methinks!

I'm looking forward to watching the Paxman Interviews tonight as he is interviewing Tony Blair...should make interesting telly!

Speaking of which The Apprentice is on tonight. We've really got into that show even though reality TV is not usually our thing. They are so annoying on it that it makes compulsive viewing. Hopefully Paul will go tonight as he is really annoying!

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