Saturday, May 28, 2005

Does not compute....

Its a bank holiday weekend and the sun is shining! How bizarre is that? And I'm inside typing at a computer...phew, I thought the world had gone topsy turvy for a second there!

What I should be doing is sorting out my garden or cleaning my teeth. Either would be a better use of my time but since I haven't updated my blog in such a while this seems a reasonable activity too.

My plans for the weekend are fairly simple and should be easily achievable....

  • Make rhubarb sorbet (see another blog entry for more about this)
  • Do some gardening....this includes planting out some herbs and trying to fix the almost dead japanese maple
  • Go to my Uncle John's 50th Birthday party. This is quite easy to do so should definitely get done
  • Go shopping with wife
Thats all for definites, I may do some other things as well! Lovefilm has sent us a good selection of DVDs including the final disc of season 3 "24". Must try and watch that if possible.

It seems odd that we're going to John's 50th birthday party. He was always the young uncle and thinking of him as fifty just makes me feel old. Its even more difficult to think what to get him. I've never bought John anything before in my life so find myself at a bit of a loss. My instinct would be an expensive bottle of champagne but I'm not sure how appropriate that wouold be given that he lost his sense of taste and smell in an accident a few years back. To be hoest he'd probably appreciate the thought anyway and champagne does have a touch aspect as well as being able to get you pissed. Hmm I'll have to ponder.

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