Thursday, May 05, 2005

My democratic right

Ok, so I've done it....I went to the polling station and voted. We even walked there, its that close (although it would have taken less time if we'd gone the way I wanted to instead of Kath's!).

Two points of note, firstly I was a little disappointed with the choice of candidates. Our area has the fortune of having the county council elections on the same day as the general election and I hoping for a interesting read on the polling card. It seems only with the European Elections do you get hundreds of fringe candidates...does this tell us something about the validity of that parliament?

Secondly one of my cards was white and the other lilac. Now I don't know if I'm going slightly colourblind but they both looked like white to me! Fortunately the man in the polling station seemed to keep a beady eye on me when I posted them into the white and lilac slots so I must have done it right. So now just the 14 hour wait to see what effect my vote has had...oooh the excitement (yawn).

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