Sunday, July 16, 2006


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Had a great time at Emma & Paul's birthday bbq in Derby this weekend, 2 whole lambs roasting on a spit, cous-cous, ice cream, fizzy wine, a WWII parachute being used as a gazebo and a collection of interesting music (we were all asked to rpovide some MP3s, mine seemed to have got lost in the mail!).

I also managed to pick up some of my birthday presents and get lost in mum & dad's huge new sofa. The only downside really is that we had to travel 3 hours each way to get there. My thoughts, of late, have been increasingly turning to when and if we need to move house and I can't help but think however nice Suffolk is our friends just aren't here.

The new camera is great as well...managed to get a good video of Kath, Emma, Alex & Paul dancing when they thought I was just messing about with settings...I'll try and find a way to post it soon!

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