Sunday, July 30, 2006


Some weekends you get abslutely nothing done and then go to work on Monday feeling like it was a waste...but not this weekend!

Up early on Saturday and the house was cleaned and a lot of tidying up was done. Then managed to do the shopping, bought some fruit at the pick your own, bought various anniversary cards in town and then made some lemon curd (hint: never freeze then defrost lemons to use as normal, they were strangely rubbery). I also made a Raspberry Ripple Terrine and some marinated chops for the BBQ. The weather looked vaguely threatening so we had them on the grill instead!

Today we sorted and boxed some books, bought the lino for the bathroom and I made some jam from yesterday's pickings.

I've also managed to squeeze in a fair amount of video game playing and most of Season 2 of Scrubs, which is now finished! Also watched Howl's Moving Castle which was great.

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