Monday, July 17, 2006

My evil plans....

....for domination can begin now that K has left me alone in the house! Mwa ha ha ha!

Ermmm...not really. A lovely big headache has prevented me from venturing out this evening and K has gone to rehearsal on her own. Not sure what brought it on to be honest. Had quite a stress free day actually. Went to aerobics for the first time in months (good but sweaty!) and had to dash to the doctor's for an appointment I'd forgottten about. Went to the shops and did the shopping then, wham, headache central after I'd put everything away.

Sat with a ridiculous cool mask thing on my forehead and when K arrived home she said I looked awful! Oh well. I'll perhaps do a bit of reading and try to remember to record Part 2 of Silent Witness for K. Fingers crossed!

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