Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Belgium Day!

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We had the great fortune (entirely by chance) to arrive at Belgium on Belgium Day, one of belgium's national holidays.

What this meant for us was that as we arrived at the train station and went in the wrong direction we ended up seeing part of a parade and our eventual trip to the hotel was punctuated with numerous fly bys of the Belgian air force, great stuff!

Also it meant that we were able to see what was quite possibly the best fireworks display I have ever seen! Constant barrage of spectacular fireworks for the full 20 minutes of Bolero (god that piece of music gets old very quick!). This was after we'd had a traditional Belgian meal of Mussel casserole for me and Flemish stew for Kath (both served with French Fries of course!)

What was slightly strange however was that there were trucks giving away plastic bags of water. Clearly Belgium takes its public health very seriously but you can't fault em for it...I didn't see anyone passed out because of the heat!

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