Monday, July 24, 2006

Stormy Weather

Originally uploaded by Leighbob.
A picture of the Hotel de Ville in the Grande Place in Brussels. I was trying to be arty and use the B&W setting on the camera. This was actually taken at about 8.30pm I think. The sky suddenly went dark and wind started howling through the square.

We went around the corner for waffles and by the time we'd finished the streets were deserted and there was a torrential dowpour! It was strange as it seemed very apocolyptic. One minute we were eating waffles and the next people were running through the streets screaming. We dashed back to the hotel and got thoroughly drenched in the process (although several kind shop keepers offered us their doorways).

This storm (with full thunder and ligntning effects) carried on for about 2 hours.

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