Monday, July 10, 2006


It’s been a weekend of revelations in one form or another so I thought I’d share some of them. They range from the mundane to even more mundane but it’s a chance to glance inside my head!

1. Colleen’s Loft – After a stressful beginning we managed to clear it out. Very dusty but we did find award winning poetry by K (she was such a school girl swot) and minutes of NUT district meetings running back as far as 1920.

2. The Carphone Warehouse’s Broadband Package isn’t as easy to install as it seems. Ambushed into installing it for K’s dad…it didn’t work but I’m not sure if the problem was the package or the frankly bizarre amount of phone lines and sockets in his house.

3. K’s taking me to Brussels, I’m taking her to Paris. Hooray! And the luggage we’ve bought is great!

4. I really like Six Feet Under. Started to watch Series 3 that K bought me for Christmas (there was literally nothing on and we’d exhausted our July supply of DVDs, except for Ripley’s Game which we started to watch and couldn’t get into) and managed to find Series 4 for £25 in Virgin so bought that too. Must remember to remove it from my Amazon wishlist, so close to my birthday!

5. There’s an online ‘Theme Park’ for Origami. Lots of exciting looking models with a fairy tale appearance.

6. What happens to Rose Tyler. I was convinced the Daleks needed her DNA to make a Queen Dalek and she willingly trapped herself in the void ship for eternity to stop the Daleks ruling the universe. That didn’t happen in the end but it was a bloody good (and emotional episode). Thank goodness for the levity at the end. Can’t wait for the Christmas episode now.

7. My new digital camera is super. A significant upgrade on the old model (Nikon Coolpix 2100) and super slim ready for our hols. Just need to buy a bigger SD card and a spare battery.

8. We’ve run out of Leigh’s Super Lemon Curd (well its not mine but from a great book about preserving). I must remember to buy some lemons.

9. The world is full of freaks.

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