Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to the grindstone!

Was quite a hectic day today, especially with the massive deadline hanging over me. As I said before I've agreed to deliver somethign that usually takes 12 days in a mere 3. This wouldn't be so bad if everyone else did their bit. One time recording system hadn't been shut prior to my automated report running so I had to wait around anxiously until they shut it so I can run my report (90 minutes wasted). The other problem is that data we thought would be ready for us at 9am today isn't actually available until 9am on deadline day...oops! Should be OK though, we made some good progress with what we've got. I just hope the numbers show them what they want!

Onto other things, I had thought the bathroom people were coming to de-tile us today. As far as I can tell no-one has been...this is quite good as K has a 'nowhere to shower' problem (I'm fine, showers at the office) and if the builders don't come until Thursday or Friday we'll be in Paris anyway. Speaking of which I'm very much looking forward to that!

Also you may have notice the template update on my blog. Blogger has finally made it easy to bugger about with the layout as they've launched beta blogger which requires less knowledge of HTML and is MUCH easier to use.

The only problem is that Flickr doesn't seem compatible so I'm having to include pictures via the blog entry instead of clicking the 'blog this' button in Flickr. To be honest its OK though as beta blogger has made it sooo much easier to insert pictures from anywhere (I think if you give it a picture on your PC it uploads it somewhere for you so you don't even need hosting!)

Ok thats it for now...off to play Final Fantasy 4 on the GBA for 10 minutes until I get bored and put it in my 'to finish' pile along with everything else!

Finally there is the GC 2006 running this week in Germany and tomorrow is Nintendo's press conference. I'm hoping there'll be lots of juicy Wii gossip with a price and release date so I can get my preorder in...I shouldn't be this excited!

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