Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Since I last blogged....

...I've discovered my jam hasn't set properly so I've got 3 jars of mixed fruit sauce instead of jam.

...that 2 good days at work are always followed by a shitty one.

...we've had our last dancing lesson for a month or so. It'll be nice to have free tuesdays for a bit.

...I can't stop buying random video games I know I haven't got time to play but can't resist the rock bottom prices I'm spotting them at (Bust a Move DS, The Bard's Tale, Lego Star Wars).

...I reiterated the fact that I'll agree to almost anything if I'm door-stepped. We have a woman coming on Friday to see if K wants to start karate lessons at a local hall. Don't ask!

...I discovered that K is much better at Bohnanza than me. 2 games played, 2 wins to her! Boo!

...I found out that as if work weren't bad enough, I'll be covering my boss's leave for the next 2 weeks. I'm already starting to play conversations with our VP in my head ("Yes I can do that new, very urgent report for you today but it means the other very slightly less urgent business as usual report you want me to do won't be done. Why is that you say? Because while I'm covering for him, no-one is covering for me!!")

Roll on the 25th...Paris are you ready for us??

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Niles said...

At least you can reboil the jam!