Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Book worm

Managed to get through a few books of late and realised I'd not been keeping my blog upto date. So far, my piles are only getting bigger because K is adding to them. I don't think I've bought a new book since my resolution (can only buy one if I've read one).

Anyway, managed to read through The Pure in Heart over the weekend. Having 6 empty hours on Eurostar certainly helped. It was good but not as good as her first in this series, The Various Haunts of Men. Looking forward to the next which is out in hardback so should be coming to paperback soon.

Also managed to read The Oxford Murders which was pretty good. Quite short which was nice for a change as most of the extraneous filler had been removed.

Just started The Eyre Affair which promises to be good after The Big Over Easy.

And there's still no sign of the bathroom men.

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