Sunday, August 06, 2006

K has berated me for blogging about boring things when I have a wealth of slightly more humourous things I could blog about.

I had my first principals rehearsal for Trial by Jury on Thursday and it was ok. I discovered that the tunes I thought I knew I'd been singing wrong for years and I'm simply rubbish at harmonising without flipping to someone else's part. I've set aside some time today to practice. Half my bits have circles round them to draw my attention to the fact they need work.

Fortunately everyone else seems to be having similar problems. What tends to happen is that everyone listens to a commercially available recording to learn their songs but frequently either the timing/rhythm is way off, they are singing something completely different or our conductor has decided to change it anyway. I'm sure it'll all work out. I just have to remember to sing Dye-lemna instead of Dee-lemna and not listen too carefully when the Counsel is singing "Far Cologne". The way she does it maes it sound like "Fark alone" and it just puts a picture, in my mind, of a posh person masturbating. (Un)Fortunately I wasn't the only one to think this at the rehearsal and we should all be grateful that the person singing the Plaintiff only has to sob uncontrollably at this point and not sing.

As I blogged yesterday I said we were going to Somersham and we did. Had a great time and managed to buy a pile of tat (most of which was stuff K had left in Yarmo anyway) from Coleen's bric-a-brac stall and won big-stylee on the tombola. And by big-stylee I mean lots rather than anything impressive (a tea pot shaped like a cottage, a flannel and soap, a bottle of cola etc). Coleen swiped most of it back to redo on a future tombola! What with the stalls and the tea/coffee (all in Christine's back garden) and donations I think they made about £275 for charity so not a bad day's work!

We also managed to finish Xmen 2 - Age of Apocolype last night. Now need to fin another game that K & I can play together.

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Neil said...

Have you tried the Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance games on xbox? They are superb fun in co-op mode, particularly if you are an old skool D&D player.