Saturday, August 19, 2006


Not sure what it is about Games that makes me love them so much.

I was going to try and differentiate between different games and what I meant by my first sentence in the context of me, but as I tried to think of the types of games I didn't like I realised I couldn't think of any!

Take the Olympic Games. I'm not really one for sport to be honest and wouldn't watch the athletics usually but when its part of the Olympics something happens to me. I watch it and enjoy it. The same with the Commonwealth Games. There's just something about the bringing together of people from around the world in friendly competition. This may be countries who are at war, physically or with words, but when they are on that field or in the pool or whatever, they are just people united by a dream. I know that sounds weird but it's something about the word 'Games' tacked on the end that make them so special to me. Pretty pleased with London hosting the Olympics in 2012 and I am hoping that we'll be able to go to some event in 6 years time (assuming they'll built everything of course!)

The other one that sprang straight to mind (pardon the repitition) is Mind Games. Just you ask K, my 30 year old wife how much I like those.

As I type this I'm waiting for an opponent in an online game called PoxNora. It's kind of like Magic The Gathering but with a map and pieces that you move around. Its free to try but then you buy online expansions and play other people. Great fun but a bit temperamental at the moment, I'm sure they'll iron out all the bugs. The only free game is with someone of rank 5, so I'm avoiding it as my rank of 9000 suggests he'll spank me good! Hmm just played a rank 300 and was forced to surrender...not very good at this game!

We went to Coleens garage sale this morning and although we didn't buy anything I was offered a soup tureen (spelling?), a marble rolling pin and some other tat. In the end we just liberated a cribbage board, Pass the Pigs and a game called Verbosity. My collection keeps on growing!

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