Saturday, March 03, 2007

Franchise Reboot

A frantic knocking on a front door propelled me out of bed at K's urging this morning. Raced down the stairs, frantically sorting my dressing gown out to cover my modesty. I made it to find that the front door in question belonged to next door and the postman barely batted an eyelid when I emerged from out of ours. This explains why its 7.45am and I'm blogging. Although it sounds like K has got up to although I doubt its from sympathy.

I wanted to use this post to talk about my mixed feelings regards to franchise re-boots. You know where they re-imagine a beloved character disregarding what story has already been told in order to make a new film/book/comic whatever and rake in loads of cash. I'm the first to admit I enjoyed Batman Begins & Casino Royale but then I didn't have so much emotional investment in those things as I do about Star Trek. Yes that's right, Star Trek XI, is primed for release on December 25th 2008 and be a young Kirk/Spock movie. I know its a cash cow for the studios and they want to resurrect it but I'm worried. What are they going to do to it? What are they going to change for 'artistic reasons'. Which character is going to get changed into a woman to make it more politically correct? I may be worrying over nothing,it may be that the love out there for this franchise will stop them from screwing around too much with it, although having said that apparently Matt Damon is going to be playing Kirk!

The one bright spark is that they want Gary Sinise to play a young Dr. McCoy and I can't think of anything who would be better.

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