Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Great Escape


As I may have mentioned previously I'm getting a wormery in an effort to give something back to the environment. Well anyway it arrived on Thursday and fortunately wasn't stolen from my front garden where the delivery people had left it. Now I have an iron railing style fence and anyone could have seen it and just taken it! Perhaps the 'Live Worms' warning on the outer packaging put them off? Anyway, set it up yesterday, carefully following the instructions, gently putting in the worms, leaving the lid off and getting them to burrow before adding some food and the moisture mat. All well and good so far...


This morning it appears my worms have revolted and are trying to do a Steve McQueen! I've taken to checking up on them a bit more regularly and am having to be like a gigantic 'Hand of God' and putting them back in amongst the cabbage leaves. I didn't think worms were that picky? Apparently they can congregate in the lid just prior to when it rains so to prevent them drowning in the soil. I've popped some plastic over the top so that it doesn't get waterlogged...I must remember to check on them later.

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