Monday, March 05, 2007


I can tell it’s going to be a long week at work.

Firstly I have no ‘proper’ deadlines this week which means I’ll spend a good portion of time avoiding the things I am able to put off because no-one knows how long they should be taking me. This is not good. When I am busy and slightly hassled I work much better and can thunder through my outstanding to do lists.

Secondly there’s talk of changing one of our recording methodologies. This is a nightmare to be honest, but as we’re at the start of a new financial year the best time for it to happen if it has to. The problem is we spent months last year changing it to the current system and I don’t particularly want to do it all again.

Thirdly, I’m supposed to be putting together a business case to justify my promotion to a higher level (for the work I’m been doing anyway for the last 6 months). The problem is that from an outside perspective I think I do a fairly easy job (compared to say a fireman or a soldier) and get paid a lot of money (especially compared to a fireman or soldier), but then when one looks internally at my company I see morons and idiots getting paid far in excess of me and I want part of the action! The issue lies in selling oneself in terms of the requirements and making the case for promotion. The problem is I recognise that on balance I enjoy my job and I’m good at it so even if they don’t promote me I’ll stay doing it….probably. Let’s hope no-one from work is reading this!

At least I have this Friday off! I’ve got excess leave to use up before we flip over to the new holiday year and there’s only so much I’m allowed to carry forward to next year. Not sure why I’m hoarding it all up to be honest…perhaps I’ll have a holiday emergency and have to take loads at some point. Oh well!

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