Saturday, March 31, 2007

Garden Update

So far the worms have not managed to escape, although they have been trying. I'm just waiting for them to eat some of the peelings I put in the damn thing...perhaps they have performance anxiety? I'm sure it'll sort itself out.

I have also (in the fashion of a dictator) made a unilateral decision to 'acquire' some additional land. Basically I'm putting my gate up a little bit along the alleyway that only provides access to my garden. With regards to the gate I have cut the wood (by hand) and put up the fence post. I just need to join the wood together and fasten to the post and then paint it! I've got some pictures but I'll wait until I've got the full story before I post them.

I have the plan for what the garden is going to look like in my head and I can't wait for it to all come together. I ordered my raised bed kit and my plants (Strawberry, Leeks, Peppers, Chilli, Tomato & Red onions), so I just need to get my seeds now (carrot, beetroot, raddish, chard) and some biggish pots with some cloches to protect the tender plants. I also need to sort out the existing pots and retire some (perhaps freecycle could help me out there)

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