Friday, March 02, 2007

It's the Weekend!


Another busy week behind, not helped by the fact I've taken on a new project at work, trying to put together a business case for a promotion and being off ill yesterday. Back on track today though and managed to power through my list of stuff to do. Next week should be busier though as I'm covering the work of a colleague as well! Heigh Ho!

We went to see Chicago last week at the Norwich Theatre Royal and it was really good. I still think I enjoy the film more but its really interesting to see how they use the limited space on the stage to convey everything. And the level of fitness of the company (well apart from the chap playing Amos) is something else.

Had my second Cookery class this week (mussels and illness ensued) and looking forward to next week's Pork with Camembert.

Still addicted to Dragon Quest 8 (bought the soundtrack CD & a poster to put in the study this week) and neglecting everything else. Although I am still keen on the Everybody votes channel. Although I must admit my prediction accuracy is only 66.6%...must do better.

Going to a Dallas themed party tomorrow, K has yet to locate a costume but I ordered myself a stetson off the 'net so I'm all ready to go!

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