Thursday, April 20, 2006

Come with us on a journey through time and space....

Yay, discovered Emma & Paul love The Mighty Boosh too! And they were lucky enough to see them live! The Boosh is one of those shows that is brilliant but it appears my friends haven't yet caught on...usually I pick up new shows from them but they are missing out on some real gems. The Boosh is one, My Name is Earl is another and Arrested Development is just fab. Smart, witty and very very funny! My campaign to get everyone to watch it has to step up a gear!

Just spent a day with Emma & Paul and had a great time. We went over to see Emma in Jesus Christ Superstar and stayed with them drinking wine until the early hours of this morning. JCS was good but does suffer from being a Tim Rice/ALW collaboration...and by that I mean bizarrely short, poor lyrics and the same tune recycled endlessly! but there were some memorable numbers from a very enthusiastic cast and a good time as had by all.

Spent the morning in bed and then went for a walk into Melbourne and found a nice tea shop with a very new waitress, forgot the cutlery, teabags in the tea pot and the bill! Despite this it was nice to spend time with Emma & Paul.

Have come home to disappointment however...Gameplay haven't delivered my copy of Tetris DS! I know technically it isn't released until tomorrow but Gameplay are usually good at early delivery. A quick check on the website reveals that they haven't even shipped it yet! I may have to pop into town tomorrow (seeing as we're still on holiday) and pick it up.

Also I managed to find a coconut washed up on the shore of my town...lovely! Palm trees here we come!

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Rikki said...

Oh, how i love the Boosh :)