Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ooops.....this isn't right... User Test: The Better Fanboy Check Test.

It's not that I'm a proper fanboy...I just made the decision that I only have time for a single system...I chose Nintendo is all. User Test: The Good Gamer Test.

This is better...although I did have a worringly long conversation with my wife about Animal Crossing: Wild World when we were out to lunch yesterday. Is that a bad thing?


neil h said...

Ah, but do you have two copies of Animal Crossing so you can play in each others towns whilst you are sat in bed? :-)

Have you got a wireless setup so you can play online?

Leigh said...

Yes to both questions!

neil h said...

I'm Satsuma in Dogwood : 064 485 635 776 ... let me know your code and we can arrange a visit, if there's any fruit or particular items you're looking for.

Leigh said...


Leighbob in Waterloo....3866-1528-5441

I've started a cabana set and the missus is after anything robo...between us we have cherries and pears.

We're both around over the next few days so let me know a good time to open my gate...or you to open yours...

neil h said...

I've added you in, and I'll be on tonight before Doctor Who ... :-) I've got a complete Robo set, so I can order anything you need from my Nookingtons.

Leigh said... your gate and I'll try to remember to visit!