Friday, April 21, 2006

The witching hour

It's odd for me to be posting at this late hour but our wine drinkig shenanigans have thrown off my body clock slightly so I'm only just starting to feel tired...I think the gallons of tea consumed today have also had an effect!

Spent an enjoyable 45 mins in the Roivas mansion investigating the paranormal and then played Resident Evil 4 for 20 minutes...god that game scares me! I don't know how I managed to finish it...I keep shouting at the TV!

My house has got fruit all over the floor too as Nookway was shut and I'd been shaking trees with wild abandon! And I think Vesta is starting to stalk me...2 visits in as many days and about 4 letters...all with gifts. I think I need to keep this sheep at arm's length for a while.

Although I am strating an active campaign to get some of my villagers to move out...I want to see new faces but my town is at top capacity...perhaps if I ignore Rocco the rhino he'll just move?

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