Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Weekend

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Finally getting around to updating my blog after an exciting weekend away.

Spent a few days camping in Norfolk with friends (that's us at Hunstanton seafront, although Emma didn't want anyone to see her raincoat and I suspect K is taking the picture) and it turned out pretty well.

The weather held for us and was bright and sunny most days. Although it was freezing at night! Thankfully a few adjustments made us toasty warm for the rest of the stay. Had some nice meals out, saw the Queen's car and bought an inordinate amount of sweets!

Getting there was another problem entirely however! Never put oil in your car mere seconds before you were expecting to depart. Butter-fingers here slipped and dropped the oil filler cap and it went scuttling into the engine block. Fine I'll be under the car, but no, it was somewhere in the engine compartment hidden from sight. A few forward and reverse manouevers in the car failed to shift it and so we had to come up with a plan.

Plan A was to drive to Halfords in K's car and pick up a new cap, they didn't have one. Plan B involved phoning Vauxhall dealerships to get a new part, all closed on Good Friday. Plan K was to phone garages and see if they could route it out for us. Hallelujah! Kwikfit said they'd have a look for us. A slow drive with eyes on the back of the car (in case it fell out) and we made it. Part identified, removed, replaced (along with a full quantity of oil) and a mini lecture on the dangers of vauxhall filler caps and we were off again. And all with no charge too! Thank You Kwik Fit!

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