Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yay the tulips are up!

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Pretty happy about my tulips...just planted them a few days ago (already sprouting) and now they've gone and sprouted some more...hooray!

Looking forward to the long weekend and have got the tough stuff for this week out of the way (my conference call performance being one of them). Am going to have a go at some pickling...which should be fun.

On a completely different topic Nintendo have finally revealed the name of their next generation console. For ages its been codenamed Revolution as its supposed to hark a revolution in gaming...but the new name is Wii (pronounced We). Hmm...I can almost hear the Sony/Microsoft fanboys pissing (or should that be wee-ing) themselves as I type. Brave move Nintendo...very brave...although I am quite enamoured by the little i characters in this promo vid.

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