Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My wife the addict

Ever had one of those days where you are rushing from job to job to fit in all in and then feel like you've achieved very little? Me too!

Memo to self: Never go on holiday and expect the first week back at work to be anything other than a complete ball-ache!

Am doing a talk tomorrow on a professional community conference call and it was suggested that I might want to do it with the other presnter in a room in London! 2 hours on the train for an 8 minute talk that I can give from my office! Seems like I've spent most of the day talking and staring at my computer screen and I'm bush-whacked.

On the plus side the things I planted at the weekend are coming along nicely...the tulips are popping up already! As soon as there's a bit of sunshine I'll take some pics and post them...lovely.

K's had a hectic week as well, what with seminars and meetings all over the place and its only Wednesday, we've got 2 different things to do tomorrow night as well...arggghghg!

On the plus side my campiagn to get K hooked on video games is coming along nicely. Quite unprompted she initiated a conversation about AC:WW and how she wanted to know which furniture counts as 'red' so she can send some to Puddles. Geek!

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