Thursday, May 25, 2006


Work is nightmarish at the moment. Spent all monday desparately trying to ru reports because all tuesday I was in Fleet (3 hours there, full day 3 hours back). Got into an argument with my department head in a meeting when I actually agreed with him but was trying to point out the flaw in a plan that had been put into place.

Yesterday was at Brentwood discovering that something I'm expected to do is in fact impossible to do (although meeting the person that helped me realise this was a highlight, another person doing the same crap I do and knowing that she'll be in BT for the next 30 years because its too damn cushy!)

Today was just long...had a fall out with another general manager and exchanged snipy comments over email. Also expecting department head to drown us in requests for reports my boss has already sent him before he went on leave...added to that I need to finish my actual routine work and some of next week's as well as I'm off for 3 days!

The good news is that the XBOX seller has agreed to give me a refund so I just need to parcel up and post. In a way its been good as I'm hoping to finish Metroid Prime 2 before I get a replacement XBOX. Not sure where I'm going to get it from though...I may just bite the bullet and buy a new one...less hassle methinks although due to the fact I didn't win my award I may have to spend some bathroom-earmarked-bonus to do it.

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