Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's over

Well K is on the train after her exam and sounding well relieved! Afetr all the revision and study days this past month I know she's well and truly fed up of exams! I'm sure she'll have done great , so we just need to sit back and wait for the results to come.

We're also waiting for the results of the auditions for the upcoming shows we're doing...long old evening with a scarily few amount of men auditioning but hopefully thy'll pick up a few more before rehearsals start. We should find out any day now.

E3 is in full swing as well and I enjoyed watching the Nintendo conference live on the internet. Wii will only be the second console I will be buying at launch! I got a DS even before they came out in teh UK but I'll be pre-ordering a Wii just as soon as we know when the damn thing is going to be released. I guess that's the beauty of savings and having spare disposable income! I know a lot of people have been going on about the graphics but I can't remember any game I've bought because the graphics were good. Sure graphics can help but I'd rather have something that is enjoyable to play. Super Mario Galaxy looks ace as do a lot of the other games on show. Hopefully once the journalists get out and play some of them we'll get a proper feel for what its gonna be like.

I'm hoping it'll be a chance to get more peoeple I know hooked on games but we'll have to wait and see.

Had a frantic day and ended up staying late but in the end it was quite good because it meant I felt like I achieved something. We're in a down cycle and I can't get motivated to do the long list of stuff that needs doing but isn't really that important.

I also need to do some stuff to get together our costumes for the fancy dress party we're going to at the weekend. The theme is heroes & villains but we're doing somethign a little different that what I expect everybody else is doing. The real reaosn behind this is we've left it woefully late to get proper hero/villain costumes so we're going to have to make should be good though. I just hope I don't have to explain to everyone what K and I are....

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