Sunday, May 07, 2006

Damn good read

Finished To Kill A Mocking Bird a few days ago (memo to self: remove it from my links). That was a great book! There are books hanging around that I just don't seem to have read and I'm always suprised when I read them juts how good they are. TKAMB is one of them. Great story, excellent dialogue and the ability to make you feel like you're there....highly recommended.

Just attacking my book pile and reading the latest Kathy Reich paperback, cross bones, next. Nice spaced out big writing so I should be finished in no time.

Waterloo is starting to drive me crazy...the animals cleared out my house at the flea market yesterday and it now looks bare and empty. My whole town seems like an orchard and I'm finding it hard to keep on top of selling all the fruit. As well as this I've managed to pay off another mortgage and now have an extra room to contend with...not sure how I should deck my pad tempted to sell everything I own and start from scratch with partial sets of furniture...keeping only the stuff I can't buy anywhere else (my mario pipe and animal pics for example). Also need to expand my museum collection so better get fishing! *sigh*

Also played my first few games on Metroid Prime Hunters WiFi...needless to say I sucked big stylee...must practise more....

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