Sunday, May 21, 2006


Now I didn't think anything could be worse than Asda in terms of white trashiness but I've found it...Lidl! Just tried to do the week's shopping in there and was expecing it to be quirky, cheap and interesting. Instead I found it to be awful. From my list I managed to get juice and butter, that's it! The fruit and veg section was non-existent and it was full of pikey people!

I do realise I'm a snob...I just can't help it...

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Niles said...

Now steady on!

Lidl may not have everything you need for your weekly shop, but it does have

Interesting German cooked meats

Very good cheese selection

Lots of good snacky things, biscuits, crackers, chocolate and cake

A limited but not bad selection of booze (if you like German beer)

Interesting pickles, yoghurts and processed cheeses

Not all Lidls have fruit and veg, but some do. Those that do tend to sell veg imported directly from Poland!

They may have a terrible employee rights record, they may have bad construction practices (can't find link just now) but they are second to none for salami!