Saturday, May 06, 2006

Heady days of summer

We've just enjoyed a few days on sunshine and it made me remember how much I like it in thsi country when the sun is out!

If only we could have a guaranteed 4 weeks of sunny weather each year then no-one would need to go abroad on holiday. This country is full of great places which are REALLY great when the sun's shining and not that great when its pissing down with it is now. Although since its late I'm not too bothered.

Fortunately the rain held off for K and her sister and aunt when they ran 5km for Cancer Research this afternoon. They even managed it in a respectable 41 mins...I was very impressed! Well done!

Did something foolish a few days ago and now I have yet another brand new game in my DS pile to play...Metroid Prime:Hunters.

Also starting to get quite excited as E3 is coming around this week. This is where the video game world goes crazy and we get to see a load of new cool stuff. Nintendo should finally be revealing its games for Wii and hopefully we'll see a load of new stuff for DS as well.

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