Monday, May 29, 2006

Bank Holiday Monday

Phew...its 3pm and already we've packed loads in! We were away on Saturday & Sunday visiting Colleen and getting into argumets about wormeries.

She thinks I shouldn't waste my money but I see it as helping the environment! I think she felt pretty bad about it in the end and offered to buy it me for my birthday...politely declined (as its expensive) but I'll definitely be putting the money towards it. I don't know whether I should wait until my birthday or get it now....

Anyway back to today...we were supposed to be looking at bathrooms but we've decided that as we haven't confirmed the man yet it might be premature to buy a new suite in the B&Q sale! Instead we went to see Xmen : The Last Stand and it was great! Usually I end up seeing spoilers for films and ruin the endings but I didn't this time and it was great! I won't spoil anything by writing about it here but it really was a great film. I think that because I'd been hearing mixed reviews I went in with lower expectations which helped.

After much toing & froing my XBOX is going back and I'll be getting a refund...had decided to forego getting a replacement until I'd cleared some of my game backlog but then saw a brand new one in Game for £80! So now I have a new XBOX and my game pile has suddenly got much larger!

Fortunately K is watching Diagnosis Murder at the moment so it means that I get chance to update my blog when i would otherwise be playing videogames. In a way its good that we only have 1 TV in the house...means we tend to do things together instead of one person in one room and one in another!

Better go as I can probably squeeze in some Animal Crossing before the XBOX gets set up!

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