Thursday, June 01, 2006


After a hectic few days at work I'm now enjoying a day off prior to our weekend away in Derbyshire. Our friend Emma has done a fantastic job organising it all and I need to make a big list of things we need to take...including what we need to make starters for 20 people!

I was actually playing on teh XBOX but I've switched to doing this as I'm avoiding the window cleaner....I get uncomfortable in a room when the window cleaner is cleaning the windows! Good job I got up early and got dressed!

Givin blood this afternoon so might treat myself in town with a new pair of shoes...well I have just been paid after all! Annoyingly K caught me out with first of the month shenanigans this morning when I was still half asleep. My record was running at 3/4 months as well! Just wait until the 1st July!

Also the start of the month means my pickled shallots are ready....bit of pork pie and salad should do for tea then!


Kat said...

Hmmm pesky window cleaner. Thanks for the nibblous tip - will look it up! Excellent blog. How's things? We should hook up soon. K x

Kat said...

ps Going to Thailand for Christmas so lots of yum cooky things......I can surface post...