Thursday, June 22, 2006

And then He said "Let there be Lite!"

Wahey! My DS Lite arrived today...impossibly small, all white and stylish with screens soo bright they hurt my eyes (no kidding!) A nice fat stylus too...very very pleased. One downside is a stupid blown pixel on the touch screen. Only really visible when the screen is black (and its glaring red at me) but I'm not sure if I can put up with it....Nintendo are very good at exchanging them though so I think I'll wait until the initial release window has passed and then get a new one.

I've also got to update my friends lists and codes though because of the whole paired gamecard/system thing....bum!

In other news I finally finished Metroid Prime 2....hooray! Very enjoyable. You kinda take for granted a good game sometimes and expect all games to be top notch but this was truly great all the way through. I sometimes just boggle at how damn clever these people are who can firstly think up something like this and then translate it into pictures. Then someone else can make those pictures move and be controllable! Its just awesome! P.S. I love videogames!

And to celebrate I bought some new games (even though I have a stash waiting to be played on the Xbox). Chibi Robo and Prince of Persia Two Thrones are on their way. I loved the first new PoP and spotted the end of the tilogy on sale at Gameplay for £14.99. Bargain!


neil h said...

It's easy to copy the settings across from your old DS - just go into the wifi settings in any wifi game and select the option to copy settings. On the DS Lite, select DS Download Play and Bob is your proverbial uncle.

Leigh said...

I saw that this morning on Nintendo site....thanks for the heads up!