Monday, June 26, 2006


So the weekend has gone again and it’s another rainy Monday. Which is quite a relief to be honest as my garden really needed a good water! Spent the weekend engaged in valuable pursuits. Sorted the garden out big style…lots of weeding, mending next doors fence, constructing a new garden box (yes I bought one) and rearranging my garden. The best bit is that I’ve now got room for a wormery! Unfortunately I discovered that I can actually put my veg peelings and rotten fruit in the brown bin! So my primary reason for the wormery has gone…will have to ponder further.

Went to bed quite late as usual on a Sunday (and despite the fact we didn’t have our usual DM we had quite a bit of fun!) but woke up with a very tickly cough at about 3.15am. Went downstairs and returned with a juice drink (and trying to climb our stairs with a drink and no banister is tricky) to try and calm my throat. K was dead to the world and laying entirely on top of the duvet, oblivious to everything. Lay there coughing a bit more and decided to try cough medicine instead.

Then went and sat in the lounge to give it chance to work before returning to bed. I managed to learn the following things…

a) The light from a DS lite is enough to fill an entire room
b) It gets misty at night in Waterloo
c) Gwen, Chief & Mathilda are the only animals awake at 3.30am
d) I caught my cough from Gwen as she was having real difficulty. Shame Nookington’s is closed at night or I would have bought her some medicine.
e) The milkman makes a very scary shape as he looms by the front door delivering milk at 3.40am in the morning…WTF!!!

Staggered back to bed and K had managed to right herself and ask me if I was OK…although knowing her she has probably forgotten that we talked!

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