Monday, June 26, 2006

A whole new me

They say that money changes people and I have to agree that it does. It certainly affects our spending habits although not necessarily in the obvious ways. I remember a time when I was a student and then just after where I had barely any money and large debts as well. To be honest I didn’t really care, I kept spending. I’d inherited the Mother C spending vision of “if you’ve got it, spend it”. Although in this case it should be more like “if they’ll let you borrow it, spend it”.

Those of you who know me would probably find this quite surprising as in my family I am the ‘sensible’ one. The one who doesn’t drink at family parties, who follows the rules to the letter and generally does what is expected. That is certainly the view of my family, anyway. To my friends I’m the one who drinks, swears, says inappropriate things at parties. I still follow the rules but only where I think they apply to me and I have been known to flash my cash about. I remember buying 6 bottles of wine at Sainsbury’s and then only noticing that I got an extra discount for 6!

Anyway, the point is I used to spend money that I didn’t have. Now though I have money (including savings accounts!!) I dither over every decision about spending it! I’ve gone from easy street to penny pinching miser in the time it took my account to flip from red to black. There was no real change in my overall wealth but suddenly my attitude switched. There is something about watching a little pile of money grow on the internet to a pile a little bigger and something inside says “No!…if you don’t spend me I’ll get a little bigger”. I don’t know whether the Mother B ethic of “Save everything, you can’t spend your money!” has finally asserted itself via K (although interestingly Colleen seems intent on spending all of her money in the shortest amount of time possible at the moment) or whether my true sensibilities (allowed to flourish away from Home C) have stopped me in my tracks.

Either way it’s making purchasing this iPod a bloody nightmare!

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