Monday, June 12, 2006

Memo to self.....

.....only test my brain early in the day and before drinking wine! After achieving 30 over the weekend I've now slumped back to 38! The Prof. seems unperturbed however, telling me to try again tomorrow. This is against K with a consistent score of around 25! Curses...competitiveness rising, sabotage thoughts whirling.

Onto other news you can tell the summer's here (besides the glorious weather that makes leaning on my desk with bare arms not pleasant) as all the good telly is about to finish. ER ended last week and (as with all good cliffhangers) left Kath shouting at the TV "That's just wrong!!" as the end credits rolled.

House, & Desparate Housewives are about to finish as well and I get the sense CSI is about done too. That leaves CSI: Miami which hopefully will start soon and the last half of Lost. Good job we've got the DVD rentals to keep us going....just watching Prison Break & Life on Mars...both great. We also still need to wtach the end of Six Feet Under but that might take longer as there are 3 seasons to get through!

Good news though is that I've discovered a fellow Animal Crosser at work and his town has Apples...Yay! The last fruit I need! We've got Peaches so he'll finish his set too! Brilliant!

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Niles said...

The season ends on CSI are very good. Lots of characters in lengthy contract disputes, is my guess. Writers showing it could go either way.

I've jsut about run out of TV, just as new laptop and CivIV turn up :)