Thursday, June 08, 2006


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Ok so I've finally posted my photos of the break over on Flickr. Had a great time and it was good to see everyone again.

The house was fantastic and Emma is a star! (she organised the whole thing). The length of time was jus about right as well as I managed not to fall out with anyone..although I think there were points for us all where it could have gone either way.

A highlight for me was the outdoor hottub...especially as it has the ability to sooth away my aches and pains. The problem is I have the twin demands and laziness and extreme competiveness at work. This is fine when it comes to Boggle (which I won) and Triv (which we won but it went on far too long!) but not so for Rounders. In Claire's absence I was the captain of the Idiots (having served this role in 1997 when I was skewered on stage and stayed put bleeding into a puddle) and I wanted to win. Picking my wife as the first choice was a shwo of loyaylty but I though it was going to be my downfall...not realising Chris was still available was my second mistake.

4 of my team were out and we'd only scored 3 runs. Somehow, out of nowhere Emma, Rachel and I stepped up to the mark and finished with 9 runs! Amazing! After a very long rest the other team had their innings and after their star players were knocked out with only 2 runs scored I was confident of success. A bit of unfair play kept us going for a further 20 minutes by which time we caught em all out with 3 runs...Yay!!!

Then played vigourous 'Extreme Frisbee' and then hiked the hard way back to Monsal be honest my body has only stopped aching today!

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