Sunday, June 18, 2006

Too drunk to care

Have had a great weekend so started on Friday with K passing her exam with flying colours and the going out to the Chinese with Becks & Ralph. The delay in their arrival meant that we could catch up on taped TV and even watch some more Life on Mars, which I'm really liking. Had a nice meal with very friednly waiters altough I te far too much and felt a little ill the next day, not great for a trip to London.

We got up very early and got on a early train (although still quite full...everyone clearly having the same idea as us) and thanks to some ticket jiggery pokery got a return to London for use on any trains for £13! Brilliant!

The sun was shining as we arrived and we then ate quite an expensive breakfast for 4 at the Tate Modern. To be fair it was expensive but not overpriced. Good tea and delicious bacon sandwiches! Spent a couple of hours in the Tate which is always good value (as its free!) and then headed over to Vinopolis. Again ticket jiggery pokery (and vouchers from Tesco's) meant we got the premium package for £13 each! I really like that place as after you'vehad the 'How to taste' wine session you suddenly turn into a wine snob and really do think you kow it all! You also start the audio tour vey interested but by the time you tasted wine at the first coupe of tables you stop listening because you're too mellow to care.

The premium table is always a favourite and you can really taste the difference. We also managed ot taste beers, whiskey's, absinthe and some Bombay Sapphire cocktails! Managed to avoid buying any wine at th Majestic wine merchants at the end of the tour and then had lunch in Pizza Express. We were fortunate to get a table outside and managed to squeeze in 3 courses, more wine and a lot of people watching. The drink and my natural generosity allowed me to pay for lunch (that and the frankly ridiculous bonus I got this year) which was spent lazily and in the sunshine. We stopped at the Globe to watch some morris dancing and then a brief stop at St. Pauls and then we were on the way home. Too drunk for driving and too lazy to wait for a taxi and we had a pleasent stroll back home from the station.

The camera had been packed to take some lovely summer shots in London but didn't make it out of the bag all day but when the weather and company were so great the title of the post says it all.

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