Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Samus & Pork Pies

You ever have those days at work where you set yourself a goal only to know that you probably won’t achieve it and it won’t matter and you only set the goal to stop you browsing the internet all day anyway?

The work I do contains a bit of ‘black magic’ i.e. stuff that only I understand or can do…this means sometimes you can get away with not doing as much as you should and still appearing to be a miracle worker. Hey, if it worked for Scotty!

Despite this I did manage to complete the thing I'd set for myself so it wasn't all bad....

I’ve also discovered that I really like pork pie. Ask me a week ago and I’d have said “No thanks, greasy pastry, nasty meat and too much jelly” but now I’d be “Yes please…have you got any more?” Still not too keen on the jelly but the meat is tasty and very savoury, the pastry is lovely and the overall experience is a good one. Morrison’s snack pork pies have only fuelled this further and I keep thinking of them when I should be working.

Further to my post yesterday I have made an effort to get re-acquainted with Samus Aran by playing Metroid Prime 2. I had already started this game but decided that as I was only 6 hours in to start a new game. Enjoying it so far and hopefully will get enthused enough to finish it this time. Well at least until my Xbox arrives. Annoyingly there has still been no contact with the seller despite me having already paid so it may be a while before I get it…which is a shame as I’ve already received 2 games from Amazon for it!

K is away tonight so my routine is likely to be all over the shop. I didn’t realise how much of a routine I had until K is not there. There’ll be no reason for me to have dinner at 6.30pm because that’s when K gets home. Last night she was at a course so I didn’t really have a meal…I just had pork pies, cereal and toast spread over a couple of hours. Perhaps I will make a meal tonight…we’ve got enough veg to use up!

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