Monday, May 22, 2006

Good Food Summer Festival

Had a great time at the above mentioned event despite turning up late and my dad falling asleep at the show. It kicked off with Gordon Ramsay in fine form and us discovering that he doesn't just swear for the camera!

Managed to eat and drink a lot and thought I'd share some of the highlights of the show (also known as the stalls that I remembered to get fliers from!)

Sammy's Couscous : Almost the first thing we had to eat (but not the first stall, most of the initial ones were alcohol based!) and subsequently purchased. Not really sure why to be honest. The cupboard at home is now bursting with extra couscous. It must have been the desire ot spend money I guess.

Cusquena : The only beer I tried at the show and surprisingly I really like it! I've going to use the six pack I bought to train myself to like beer. I'm sure it's just an acquired taste. Never again will I need to order a VAT or a wine in a bar!

Jewel Isle Rum Punch: Surprisingly strong beverage that looks like an alcopop! Reminds me of my honeymoon in St. Lucia where we went on an excursion and strated drinking very strong rum punch only to realise it was only 9.15am in the morning!

Revive Power Paste: Wonder cleaner that Kath really likes...watched the whole presentation because we didn't want to stop teh man mid flow to say that we'd bought the stuff before and was going to buy it again anyway!

Thatcher's Cider: Missed out on buying some lovely cider because I didn't want to carry it around...must remember to buy some from their website.

Fatboy BeanBag: The show tickets got us free entry to BBC GoodHomes Live It! exhibition and these caught my eye. Surprisingly comfy and expensive and its only because we don't have space that I stopped myself buying one. Almost the only good thing in the Live It! show that seemed to want us to buy property abroad and not much else!

Dickinson & Morris Pork Pie: Mail order pork pie! Brilliant (and tasty!)

Toffoc: There seemed to be an over representation of welsh liquer drinks at the show...this one was pretty tasty but you could probably make it yourself.

Greek Yoghurt & Honey Ice-cream: Now I don't like honey or greek yoghurt but together and cold this was a real treat!

Rose Wine: This man did a lovely tasting session...we basically stood round for 20 minutes drinking 6 different rose wines and getting a history of the region of origin and some insight into wine making!

Snowdonia Cheese: Wales again, but they can be forgive for a lovely selection of cheese...4 of which are sat in my fridge as I type...Pickled Onion cheese? Yes please. Stem ginger cheese? Why thank you!

The show was sadly lacking in BBQs of any shape or from so I picked up my dream BBQ at the gareden centre when we got we just need some good weather!


Kathryn said...

Check your rose wine link...

Kat said...

This sounds like a good show. I did want to go but couldn't really justify it (we are doing up the garden!)They have the 'Taste of'shows in London which always look quite good.