Friday, June 17, 2005

Another week gone by.....

Where do the weeks go? Its friday afternoon again and here I am on a conference call for work...16:30-17:30. What a great way to end the week! Because Kath gets up at a ridiculous hour to trek halfway across East Anglia to go to work, I get up to. This means I'm usually in work by about 8am and can leave fairly early most days, until my boss's boss asks me to attend a conference call that is! I was almost tempted to stay in the lovely air condidtioned office (its 28 degrees outside at the moment) but the traffic off the park and the fact that the Orwell bridge is down to one lane means it can take an hour to get home....

It could be worse I suppose...I'm sat in my shorts, typing this and waiting for the call to begin...again I'm on mute so no-one knows I'm here but at least i don't have to say anything...I can slurp my can of Sprite in peace...oooh its started!

Another reason for having to leave early is that I wanted to get something for she passed her exam!! Not that I didn't think she would! She often worries but I have supreme confidence in her...well done Kathryn!

Looking forward to the nice weather at the weekend as the garden is looking a little neglected and we've got a BBQ in lovely Great Yarmouth.

The call is really dragging on.....better go as I should be listening....bye bye!

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