Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Another tuesday and another day waking up with a headache that I can't shift! Fortunately work is suspiciously quiet so I was able to make a quiet exit and log on and deal with important stuff at home. My first thought is stress but then I've got nothing to stress about at the moment...

Have now received final instructions for the wedding of the year (tm) and everything looks ready. A load of friends from Uni are piling down to chez Caple on the friday to rehearse some singing that we're doing but hopefully it'll turn into a party!

Spotted this today which is a follow up to a news story I read a while back. It seems pretty incredible that we're going to be able to build a thermonuclear fusion reactor on Earth! The official site is here and it won't be built until 2015 but it still seems pretty amazing. Its very easy to say thts 10 years away but it seems that my life is speeding up! Who knows what will happen by then and where I will be? It seemed unlikely that I would move away from Nottingham but here I am in Ipswich coming up for nearly 5 years! 5 years!

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