Monday, June 27, 2005


Another strange day at work...we have a big re-org coming up and its almost as if everyone knows the end game but no-one has really thought about how we're going to get there. It does make it tough to get things done!

I notice that Monopoly are celebrating 70 years with a brand new London Here & Now edition. The idea is to build the board based on now. The London Eye makes it in as does the BT telecom tower (good things) but so does The Sun newspaper and skateboard and rollerblade playing pieces (bad things). There's also chance to play in a live version based around London. They give you money and you buy your properties. You pick a london cabbie and then 5 otehrs are sleected at random. Whenever one of the other real life cabbies lands (ie visits with a fare in their GPS tracked taxis) on your properties you get the rent. This is played over 24 hours and then you get entered into a draw to win prizes...I currently have £55 million in my balance but the best players have hundreds of millions. Check it out here.

While browsing the net I noticedsome blogs for this case bread. I was wondering if I should start a new blog and detail recipes I cook...I wonder if anyone would be interested and whetehr it might end up too time consuming...although it would make a handy reference.

In unrelated news Richard Whitely died last night. I find this really hard to believe, he was only 61 and such a nice man to boot! He always had a pun ready (never a bad thing) and Countdown is a national institution! Oh well...

Also I've managed to get Kath addicted to my Nintendo DS! Brilliant!

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