Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Thankfully the pain is staring to go and my leg doesn't feel quite so itchy any more. What this probably means is that next time I go out into the sun I'll forget the pain and forget to put sun cream on again and then whinge about it on my blog! The cirle of life!!

The good weather has continued and the garden is looking deader every day...if only I could be arsed to water the garden!

The hot weather has also had a strange effect on our dancing teachers...we more or less did latin dancing back to back and there was some very sultry dancing from Pat...managed to learn the meringue (spelling) and did some more Salsa too but boy was it hot! Added to that floor was very slippy and we ended up sweating like bastards!

Just trying to look at the Roald Dahl website at the moment, they had good things to say about it on Radio 2. I remember being told off in a school library once for singing and dancing the intro to Tales of the Unexpected too loudly! Oh happy days!

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